Some of you may know me from my previous and ongoing blog, peaceloveyoga. For over 5 years I have shared my experiences and inspirations there. I started when blogging wasn’t as big as it is now and have found it to be a platform to share and connect in ways I hadn’t expected. It has been a delight. The past year and a half, I’ve slowed down blogging in that I have been pursuing other projects, and in light of that, please know it to be just a transition period.

Now, with two blogs, I’ll be focusing more on yoga on this site whereas on my personal blog, peaceloveyoga, I will continue to write about yoga, as I always have, in addition, continue to speak on personal triumphs and challenges. So I guess what I am saying is you can still find me there, as well as here. However, in the same breath, I tend to work organically so we’ll see how everything morphs and develops.

No matter what, I look forward to sharing insights in regards to the practice of Ashtanga yoga, and beyond. For the practice enhances life, not necessarily should it be the center of our life. Better said, it opens the door. How I move in the world and interact with it brings deeper meaning than to engage in controversy and debate over various yoga practices and techniques. Though I do speak on some of this from time to time, I rather expend more energy where the practice leads one to. It is a path of self-awareness and exploration, yes, but also, we must never forget it is a path of relationship, compassion and connection. What struck me about the practice when I was blessed to be ignited by the flame of Ashtanga yoga is how it shed light on what I always knew was inside, I just didn’t always know how to access it at the time. Or maybe I was never still enough to! It has definitely been a journey worth pursuing.

Yoga has become a big commodity in this day and age. We’re inundated with images of inner peace, enlightenment and promises of ecstasy. Sure, ecstasy sounds nice; however, through time I’ve come to realize that maybe it isn’t always about reaching exalted states of awareness or to be filled with knowledge that can then be regurgitated to show others how much we think we may know. Often I feel these states of being are more a by product of what cultivates through living a mindful life. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have always been struck by those who emanate simple authentic humaness, nothing more nothing less. There is something completely beautiful when gone is the desire to be super human, above, exalted, praised, but just to simply be in touch with one’s humanity. I find people such as this extraordinary, grounded, present, and open hearted. They move through life with grace and humility. They shine because that is what they do. They align the internal knowing with their external actions. Observing the presence of fear but not giving into it. This is something I hope to deepen within myself over time, and I have also found through discipline greater liberation awaits. No one said it would be easy. However, with each conscious breath the opportunity is available to let go, as well as, to arise to our true nature. It is inside each and everyone of us and it may develop differently then someone else. I think that is the beauty of it. There is no image that any one person needs to fulfill. Look inside, listen there, your questions will be answered in time, and thankfully practice helps to develop this connection.

Amazingly, I have found myself teaching. Regarded as a student first, I would never claim to be a master or an expert of this practice. Just someone who has dedicated themselves to the path, devoting to daily practice, and to hopefully share insights that have been revealed or experienced. I like to think of myself more of an advocate for those who desire to heal, liberate what is blocked, and/or uncover their divine potential. Everyone comes into the practice for different reasons and all are worthy. Opening a space for those who have the courage to go into those uncomfortable places in an effort to transform, is something I feel blessed to fulfill. It is an honor to be connected to those in this way, creating a space for discovery guided by acceptance and love.

My journey has been filled a multitude of mistakes, foibles and self-imposed suffering, nonetheless, I can be now, for it has brought me to this point forward in my life, and I am filled with gratitude for it all. Life is full of surprises. Now living in Sweden, I am here for no better reason then for love. I guess love could have led me to crazier places. Thankfully, I landed in a place such as this, and yes, I can still say it after living through three long winters. A far cry from being Scandinavian, there is something completely interesting living in contrast. Parts of myself have been born, if not for the experience, and isn’t that what it is about at the end of the day? Made up of the sum total of the beauty and the contrast, the dark and the light, a mosaic that has made up my life. Every piece a significant part to the greater whole.