March 19, 2021 – March 21, 2021 all-day
Laruga Glaser
Ashtanga Yoga Mechanics and Philosophy Course - Stockholm, Sweden -  19 - 21 March 2021

Ashtanga Yoga Mechanics and Philosophy Course

Stockholm, Sweden

for experienced, ongoing practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga

19 – 21 March 2021

Limited Space Available

A workshop experience designed to inspire, uplift and expand your existing Ashtanga yoga practice under the context of aligning to the available body wisdom that continues to unfold for each of us. We will take various core elements of the Ashtanga methodology and learn how to synthesize deeper connections internally and expressed outwardly through our energy lines.

The human form is a complex system, as you all know. Let’s take a moment to create synergy and awakening, taking a multi-faceted approach to mature into the next phase of our practice.

This workshop will be both practical as well as theoretical taking moments to discuss the philosophical insights that arise in our experience, understanding what it means to live, and more importantly, embody yoga daily.

Philosophy Discussions

  • Yoga and Inhabiting Our True Nature
  • Ashtanga: The Path and the Journey
  • Self Practice – Self Awareness – Self Responsibility
  • Asana: A Tool for Understanding the Self
  • Overcoming Obstacles on The Path

  • Breath and Core Integrity
  • Alignment & Flow
  • Gateway Postures
  • Activating Strength
  • Balancing Yin and Yang Energies
  • Backbends & Active Release

Friday 19 March

16:30 – 19:00

Saturday 20 March

 9:00 – 12:00


13:30 – 16:30

Sunday 21 March 

9:00 – 12:00


13:30 – 16:30


2300 kr
14 hours of instruction


For More Information
and Booking

Contact: [email protected]

Location: Mindstory
Regeringsgatan 83
Stockholm 111 39

Phone: (+46) 70-715 -25 70


Teacher: Laruga Glaser has been practicing Ashtanga yoga continuously for over 24 years. Starting in the beginning of her 20s, she was immediately drawn to the practice after working with other forms of yoga years prior. After establishing a committed practice she then deepened her studies traveling to Mysore, India annually to practice at KPJAYI where the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught and now his grandson, R. Sharath Jois teaches. Laruga has made more than 14 trips to Mysore and is on a mission to continue to learn and grow as a student as well as a teacher. She is one of the few in the world who have been given the distinction of being certified to teach up to Advanced B, which is not easily given and takes many years to earn. Under her guidance be prepared to learn, grow and enter into new areas of your potential.